Articulated Robot IRB 1100

€ 24,000.00
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Articulated Robot IRB 1100
Articulated Robot IRB 1100

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€ 24,000.00

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    Application Loading & Unloading
    Max Payload
    Max Payload 4kg
    Max Reach
    Max Reach 0.475m
    Arms 1
    Robot Type
    Robot Type Industrial


    • IRB 1100 offers exceptional performance at confined space in various environments 
    • The best-in-the-class 4kg payload allows users to carry more, move faster and more precisely while taking less working space in various environments 
    • IRB 1100 is powered by ABB OmniCore Control C30 and C90XT for prestige functions 

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    IRB 1100 - The most compact and fast robot ever

    With a 10 percent smaller footprint and 20 per cent lighter than IRB 120, the IRB 1100 can be installed in areas with restricted space, including existing production lines, for greater production flexibility. The IRB 1100 is unique, offering a 4kg payload and reach below 500mm, while offering best-in-class repeatable accuracy. The IRB 1100 provides clean room version, setting a new benchmark and going to be able to support cleanroom teams throughout industry, enabling them to make the most of automation in these demanding environments, including faster cycle times and improved productivity, even in confined spaces. 


    The robot powered by OmniCore controller is now available for order.


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