AsyCube 240 ABB Function Package

€ 25,000.00
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ABB offers a flexible Robotics-based feeding solution for small parts with our tested and proven AsyCube Function Package: 

• 3-Axis Vibration Robotic Parts Feeder

• Optimized separation of bulk material

• Compatible with a wide range of part geometries

• Precise part detection with vision system

• Easy to use with a Graphical User Interface


The ABB kit also includes:

• Metallic base plate to reduce vibrations

• Hopper and hopper control system

• Power supply and pre-wired control cabinet

• Graphical User Interface on the robot’s FlexPendant


Not Included:

• Vision system (included with the Vision Inspection robot configuration)


Fits for

Feeding technology easily integrated 

With the function package Asycube 240, ABB offers an interface to the feeding technology of the manufacturer Asyril. The functional package consists of a preconfigured user interface and hardware components that combine ABB robots and feeding technology into an unified system.


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