Basic Connected Services

€ 250.00
/ year / robot
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Condition Monitoring & Diagnostics service provides access to information for fast root cause detection and analytics. This allows better service team preparation for on-site technical support. This ultimately helps to keep robot systems running at optimal performance. 

  • 24/7 service that let you monitor the working status or troubleshoot your robots 
  • Higher efficiency and better service preparation for on-site calls and technical support 
  • Fast notification and proactive support in case of trouble
  • Identification of most frequent failures and most problematic robots 

Fits for

Proactive maintenance with measurable productivity increase

Condition Monitoring & Diagnostics is a secure 24/7 service. It identifies robot systems that are not performing optimally, provides information on potential issues and data for faster troubleshooting. 

  • Alarm notifications via e-mail 
  • Additional features in widget format allowing a higher level of customization of dashboards with more information available and new metrics like the Asset Optimization Potential (AOP) or productivity graphs among many others 
  • Enhanced troubleshooting capabilities with new possibilities of plotting many parameters within the same time range together with alarms and events in order to find correlations 
  • Faster reaction time and higher service efficiency by up to 60% 
  • Fast notification in case of trouble for decreasing Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) 
  • Identification of the most frequent failures and possibility to find out root causes for increasing Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) 
  • Proactive technical support on request 

NOTE: Features available in ABB Ability Connected Services 2.0  


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