Dual-arm YuMI IRB 14000

€ 44,000.00
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Dual-arm YuMI IRB 14000
Dual-arm YuMI IRB 14000

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€ 44,000.00

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    Application Part Handling
    Max Payload
    Max Payload 0.5kg
    Max Reach
    Max Reach 0.559m
    Arms 2
    Robot Type
    Robot Type Collaborative


    • Best-in-class safety among all cobots on the market thanks to its low arm weight, low payload, rounded design with soft padding, and superior motion control collision detection​. 
    • Highest safe working speed (1.5m/s TCP speed) among all cobots thanks to its inherent safety. 
    • Compact package with two arms and integrated controller​. 

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    Creating an automated future together. You and me.

    YuMi was a game-changer and heralded a new era where people and robots safely and productively work side-by-side, without barriers.

    Collaborative robots are adept at adding flexibility to assembly processes that need to make small lots of highly individualized products, in short cycles. 

    By combining people’s unique ability to adapt to change with robot’s tireless endurance for precise, repetitive tasks, it is possible to automate the assembly of many types of products on the same line. 


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