Schmalz -MATCH automatic & manual quick changer ABB Kit - advanced SWIFTI / IRB1100

€ 1,000.00
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Quick changer advanced for SWIFTI and IRB1100

MATCH automatic & manual quick changer

Manual end-effector change with one-hand function

Automated changeover without external control 

Integrated signal and media feed-through

Optical Connect LED and Connect signal to the higher-level controller

• IO-Link control

MATCH quick changer is suitable to work with Zimmer-Grippers and Schmalz Vacuum Devices

Fits for

Manual and automatic tool changer – flexible and easily integrated

MATCH tool changers are a Plug & Work solution to easily connect the according end-effectors by manual or automatic click-in functionality. Compatible to Zimmer Group mechanical grippers and Schmalz vacuum devices. The LED status indicator helps to easily identify the condition of the end-effector. The most efficient way to get started with your robot application.



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