Schmalz - MATCH mini Vacuum Generators ECBPMi ABB Kit

€ 1,250.00
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• Intelligent electric vacuum generator for handling suction-tight workpieces

Ready to use for the MATCH end-of-arm ecosystem, witht vacuum and mechanical gripper compatibility 

Suction rate up to 1.6 l/min

Max. vacuum: 60 %

Easy installation and commissioning (Plug & Work) 

Purely electric vacuum generation 

NFC and IO-Link interface


The kit also includes:

Vacuum generator with gripper for handling suction-tight workpieces

Flat and bellows suction cups included

Mechanical connection system MATCH for easy installation (Plug & Work)


This gripper works together with the Smart Communication Module SCM as the interface between the end-effector and the robot controller. The SCM offers Digital Services such as user interface mode for easy teach in processes, as well monitoring functionality and expert mode for optional optimization of process related parameters.

Fits for

Mini Vacuum Generators ECBPMi – Gripper Schmalz

The Schmalz handling set ECBPMi is a ready-to-connect gripping system that can be put into operation directly on the ABB robot. In addition to the compact electric vacuum generator, the set also includes a vacuum suction cup. Setup and parameterization can be done via an intelligent software interface. 


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