Single-arm YuMi IRB 14050

€ 34,500.00
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Single-arm YuMi IRB 14050
Single-arm YuMi IRB 14050

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€ 34,500.00

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    Application Vision Inspection
    Max Payload
    Max Payload 0.5kg
    Max Reach
    Max Reach 0.559m
    Arms 1
    Robot Type
    Robot Type Collaborative


    • Single-arm YuMi is ABB’s most agile and compact collaborative robot, and can be easily integrated into any production environment 
    • It offers short cycle times, fenceless operations and lower investments and is easy to integrate 
    • Lower cost than dual arm YuMi 

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     ABB’s most agile and compact collaborative robot yet 


    Single-arm YuMi also features the same intuitive, easy-to-use lead through programming as dual-arm YuMi collaborative robot, meaning workers can teach the robot motions and positions easily and quickly, greatly simplifying robot programming. Combining this simplicity with the robot’s deployment flexibility, it will help manufacturers in many industries to offset shortages of skilled workers and help reduce entry barriers for new potential robot users, particularly small and medium enterprises. 

    Extremely versatile, the YuMi family of robots can be combined in numerous configurations. For example, a single-arm YuMi can be used to feed parts to dual-arm YuMi to increase flexibility, or added as an extra arm for more complex assembly tasks requiring more than 2 robot arms. 

    The robot powered by OmniCore controller is now available for order. 


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